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Challenging and Fun Maze Games

Although you are a fan of maze games sometimes it bores you. Do you want some more fun maze games? If you want more you will get more. Visit for details.
The maze game that you must try is Animal Maze. Here you task is to get your little bugs to its objectives. You have to arrange the tiles in the best way to get your critter to the end. The difficulty gets raised a bit when the pieces start falling.
Another maze game is Line Game. Here you play a line and every time you hit a wall, you fail. At the same time the maze you navigate isn’t one that is angular, and instead opts for circular.
Scary maze game is made up of four levels. If you pop a wrong bubble a seaming monster will come out.
You will love this challenging and fun maze games.


As a flash game with quite awesome introduction graphic, Plazma Burst can be one of the best shooting flash games. You can find this game here: The game is like other shooting games, the only difference is the package: it is a flash game. After naming your character and customizing the battle suit, you will soon enter the first level. There are only simple introductions for you to be able to play the game. To move your marine character, you can use WASD, “space” button to shoot your gun, ‘S’ to duck, and other simple button to optimize your character. Although there are some instructions in the game which are not included in the manual, you can still enjoy the game. Aiming your gun to the enemy and shoot them until they die, is the best point from this game! Not sure how you will enjoy this game, but it is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE if you don’t get any interest from this game!