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Save yourself from the fragment of Bubbles in Bubble Struggle

Have you ever tried to play Bubble Struggle Game? If not, don’t waste more time; visit any websites to play the game for free. Click here to play the game.
Are you thinking how to play the game? The game is very simple. You have to play the main pink colored character role and shoot all the bubble appeared in the screen. Don’t take the game that easily. In doing so, you have to save yourself from being hit by the small fragment of the Bubble. Actually, when you will shoot a large bubble it will break into smaller balls and scatter throughout the screen and they might hit you. If you are hit by them you will lose your life. To get bonus and complete the level, you have to use your timing and dodging skill. You will have to complete 22 levels.
Enjoy a simple game, Bubble Struggle!

Cool Online Games- Play and Have a Blast

What kind of game you like to play? If the answer is shooting games then why don’t you try Raft Wars Online? Learn more about the game.
In Raft War you primary aim is to shoot down all the enemies you have who are also vigilant in trying to steal your treasures. This game is played by mouse and for the perfect shot you will get points. You will also get the option to upgrade the ship you use so that you can have even more men at your disposal.
Psychout is a unique game where one of the greatest enemies you will face in your escape is your own mind which will constantly plat tricks with you.
Robot Unicorn Attach is a flash game where you play as a robot unicorn and your aim is to “reach your dream”.
You can try these online games and you will have fun!

A Game with No Rules- Skull Kid

Skull Kid is an online flash game filled with thrill. If you haven’t played the game, you must try it at least for once. So, Play now and enjoy the game.
Skull Kid is a game with no rules. There are only objects and peoples. The aim of this game is to kill everything on the level. For doing this, you will be given different kinds of weapons. First, you will get an ironic chainsaw and as you will proceed in the game you will get more weapons that will make the game more fun to play. This game will allow you to slice, shoot and dismember your enemy. You have to face different challenges in the game and if you are a new player then you might have problem to face those challenges.
This is a short game which can be finished in a few minutes but don’t allow your kid to play the game.