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Foot Race Game-Platform Racing 3

Platform Racing 3 is the game of foot racing. The game supports single player. You can also play the game with other players. There are two servers in the game, they are Ali and Marcelleus. Are you feeling interested and want to play the game? Go to this site and play the game for free.
Platform Racing 3 is not an ordinary game because there is no vehicle to race. You will make race with other players using your foot only. You can change the body parts of your character and make it attractive. The head, body and feet of the character are changeable. You can also adjust the speed, jump height, and acceleration level of the character. If you don’t want to race with other players you can race with the clock. The faster you complete each level the more points you gain and points are required to unlock Gold medals of the game.

An action Game-Earn to Die 2

As you are reading this article we can say it that you are a fan of Earn to Die game series. So, here is a good news for you. Now the second installment of the game is available for free for everyone who has an internet connection. You must see this for details.
Earn to Die 2 has the most modern animation effects on the game. As it has high definition graphics you can enjoy the game very much in your smart phone or iPhone or tablets. If you face problem to play the game you can use Game Center which is a new element of the game. The help center is very helpful for new players who have never played the game. You will face challenges while playing the game. You have to travel around the entire desert to kill the zombies. When you will earn coins you will be able to buy fuel for your car.

Excellent Game-Electric Man 3

Do you love fighting games? The most amazing fighting game that you can play online is Electric Man 3. The game is the third installment of the specific popular game series. The game is lunched with lots of extreme and modern features that were not in its previous installment. Enjoy time and play now.
In the Electric Man 3 you will get chance to train your character. First of all you can train the character to learn all the moves and shoots. The game contains more options than we think. It is the most modern flash game. From the game you can learn some practical fighting movements that will help you at the time of danger. Portable devices (iPhone or Android Phone) support the downloaded version of the game but if you play the game on your portable device it will lose battery charge very quickly. So, it is better to play the game on computer.

Entertaining Cooking Games

Cooking is a fun activity. That’s why online cooking has quality grasp the attention of the players. There are many cooking games available. In some you have to prepare a particular dish, in some you have to run a restaurant successfully and so on. These games are full of activity that keeps one busy for a long time. So, the cooking lovers start enjoying the game. Visit this site for more details.
There are different sorts of cooking games. Some are restaurant games. Such as, Diner Dash, Penguin Diner. In these types of games, you not only have to prepare food but also have to serve them. Hot Dog bush is a game with a story where you have to play a role of former US president Gorge Bush and sell the hot dogs. In some games you have to prepare different delicious foods. Each of them is going to entertain you.

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