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Boost You Thinking Capabilities by Playing Trollface Quest 1

Trollface Quest 1 is a simple point-and-click puzzle and strategy game consisting of a number of different challenging levels. The game is tough and tricky and requires you to stop and think about ways to solve each level. The graphics in this game are simple and basic. Most of them are hand-drawn which might be of interest to those who love hand drawing. The main character is a stick figure that you can move through a simple and only control i.e. your mouse. Although the look of the game is not that appealing, the fact that it extends your thinking capacities is sure a great benefit. There is a boost in your puzzle solving abilities and you begin to think of the not-so-obvious solutions for the puzzles. So, if you really want to be an expert at puzzle solving and want to take your capabilities to an unimaginable level ,then play Trollface Quest 1.

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 – Another Delightful Game!

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 has proved to be a successful game. The game has managed to entertain each and every one who has played it. All you have to do is find the monkeys that are hiding at various spots throughout the game. So start playing and quickly finish it! Once you have completed one part of the series, you can go ahead and try the other versions, as well. You can rest assured that you will not be disappointed. This game offers you a range of puzzles that you will have fun figuring out. In order to solve the puzzles and fulfill your objective, you will have to go from one scene to another and then back again. So, you need to keep in mind all the scenes of the game. The game controls are very easy and even a child can learn how to play the game.

Bloons Tower Defense in Full Screen

What kind of games attracts you the most? Is it the action games which are full of excitement and thrill? Then you must love the zombie games. These games are full of fun that and you task is only to survive. So, from the beginning of the game you have to be alert and put your best efforts to win the game. Each moment of the game is important. You will easily find a lot of zombie games in different websites. Bloons Tower Defense is one of them. This is a game where you will experience different kinds of zombie game. Visit this page for details.
This amazing game is now available in full screen. Here, you don’t have to kill the zombies. You have to build the towers and save yourself from being killed. By unlocking the towers you can destroy the zombies. You have to make powerful attacks to win the game.

Download The Game of Life For Free

As soon as the Game of Life was been successfully released in internet, it had entertained numbers of players around the world already. One main reason is because the great impact it gives to the real living. Its online appearance had made this game more popular as the year passes.
A large percentage of the games online are for sale. Good thing that there are some sites on internet which offers this game for free. You must be patient for finding this good site. Through playing this game, this will going to test how smart you are on handling your own character.
Here on this game, you will surely going to experience how tough life is. There are lots of circumstances that you must undergo with wise decision making. Do not quit easily in just single challenge. Learn from your mistakes. Whoever player could gain most money at the end wins.

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