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Wonderful Game-Scary Maze 5

Scary Maze 5 is the fifth installment which has become a popular game and there are thousands of players who are playing it regularly. If you have a very week heart please, do not click here. The game has very scary theme and it will give you lots of funny time.
Scary Maze 5 is very addicting game which is such a game that will make your time really very enjoyable. In this new installment the maze is more complex so you will face more problems here. The entire game is very thrilling and when people play it they really enjoy their time. You must move the mouse point properly so that you can reach to the destination properly. It is not an easy task because you will see that in some places the maze is so much complex and small that you will face lots of problems. Just start to play the game and you will enjoy your time a lot.


Join the fun filled adventure with uphill rush games series as created by Agame. It is a collection that gives you more games of single player flush traversing through steep hilled landscape with obstacles to be overcome. In the same way they consist of cups to be unlocked to complete the maps in them. The game has diverse vehicles to navigate with and great bonus to be worn.

Series available

Uphill rush 1 is a single player flash consisting of four tracks to be completed through unlocking ten cups using different vehicles. Rush 2 gets your speed and accuracy proved as you have to complete the tracks without crashing as you collect coins in the entire levels. In the rush 3 you have 6 maps to complete while sustaining lives riding on cows and others. Rush 4 has 6maps with three rounds to complete. Rush 5 has 6maps with cups to unlock while collecting coins, rush 6, 7, and 10 gives you a right to brag as you compete with friends.

Funny Game-Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4

Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 is an online puzzle game. The game concept is very funny because there are some mini monkeys and you have to find them. There are 15 mini monkeys and you have to find them all to finish it!
Monkey Go Happy Mini Monkeys 4 is really very enjoyable game to play. The concept of the game is very good and while playing it you can get lots of fun. In this game you have to solve all the puzzles so that you can easily win the game. After solving each of the puzzles you will see a mini monkey and you have to take the monkey to the basket. It is very amazing game and by playing this game you can really enjoy your time a lot. The view of the game is very impressive and you will like it a lot. Just start playing the game right now and get the fun you want.

Let’s Enjoy Bomb It

Bomb It is an amazing online game which can give you lots of fun. While playing the game you will really enjoy it a lot. You must see this and hopefully you will have a great time with this game. You can start playing this amazing game right now for having fun.
Bomb It is such an online game where you will kill the enemies. Killing the enemies is the main task of the game. You can use bombs to enjoy this game and it can make your time really very good. It is an online game that is graphically much upgraded and you can enjoy it a lot. The enemies has weapons so you must be careful about it otherwise they can destroy it. The game is an amazing one that will make your time very enjoyable and happy. Let’s start to play and enjoy the time a lot.

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