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Truck Loader 6-Good Game for All

Do you want to play a game where you can learn about physics and can get fun? Truck Loader 6 is the good physics game that you can online without any cost. You can easily load the trucks if you are skilled about physics. Find the game here
Truck Loader 6 is very nice game to play and your aim is to load the truck with all the boxes and anyhow you have to adjust the boxes. It is quite interesting game to play and you can have lots of fun by playing it. You have to control the crane properly so that you can easily load the truck with the boxes. The game is developed with awesome graphical view and the sound is also very interesting. It is such a great game that can give you awesome time and you can easily enjoy your time with this wonderful game.


Rescuing Game-Snail Bob games

Bob is a snail who is in a dangerous place and you have to rescue him from the dangerous area and take him to a safe place as quickly as possible. If you can do it you can go for the next level. You can find the game on
Snail Bob Games are really good to play and you can enjoy all of them for free. Here in these games your task is to take Bob to the safe place. He can’t fight with the enemies so it will be quite hard for you to manage the situation. You can take away Bob to hide. If you see enemies are coming you can take him to a safe place to hide. It is very challenging but you can increase the speed of Bob by pressing key 2 which will just double the speed of Bob. Use double speed only when it is needed.


Do Rampage-Flakboy 4

Flakboy 4 is a rampage game where you have to damage a character by using your weapons. You have different types of weapons and you can use those weapons to attack the flak boy. The boy is very strong and you can damage it if you use your full weapon power.
Flakboy 4 is a free game that is available online for all and anyone interested in online games should try this one. The theme of the game is very interesting and if you love to do works with weapons you should play this online game. It will help you to pass lots of time and you will just enjoy your time a lot. The game quality is excellent and you can have the best time with it. Here you have to use all the weapons so that you can shoot at the flak boy. The game has awesome graphics and by playing it you can have lots of fun.