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Build your army with Kingdom rush 1

Willing to check your strategy skills in a game that has more actions and thrills? Well, Kingdom rush 1 is made by experts with which you can play to know your abilities and performance using your action skills quickly. In this game, your role is as a fighter or soldier who has the ability to fight with his enemies and your task is to protect your city from attackers. If you need some images related to this game, just visit this page
Remember, your enemies are not simple and general, they are unlike human beings, belong to a distant land, have the great ability to operate powerful weapons and they will try their best to break the defense of your city, town or village. Make sure to build the army, train them to fight with their enemies and do everything needed to avoid devastation.

Outer Space It is in Amigo Pancho 5

With the release of the newest chapter of The Amigo Pancho Series, Pancho is ready to take on a whole new set adventures, as he fly around with his trusty balloons once more. Pancho still needs your help as the balloons are even more fragile in Amigo Pancho 5. So help him reach the end of the fifth chapter.

This time you will be with him on a journey to the outer space. Pancho’s main goal is to reach Mars and get the best view of earth but there are a few additional objects and obstacles which have been added to make it much more harder than the previous levels. The evil aliens are back from New York and are ready to interrupt Panchos way. On this journey to the Mars, Pancho ends up in different planets as he loses control of his balloons. During his travelling around the space he has even more dangerous enemies to face. The gameplay of Amigo Pancho 5 is the same and you have the ability to remove all the objects on his journey.

Hollywood Rising Star for Fame

Hollywood Rising Star is a flash game for girls, and boys who likes to dress up girls. In this game your main purpose is to dress up a girl. A pretty girl, I might add. But a girl, nonetheless.
In Hollywood Rising Star game, the character is rising Hollywood star. You have an agent you has some roles to play for you. The roles will be described in the SCRIPT tab. Then you have to dress the girl in the
WARDROBE and STYLING tab. Then a photo session will take place. You will get paid for dress up and appearance and new things will be unlocked. That is basically it. You have to make this rising star of yours a really big star. That is the main purpose of this game. Good luck playing it