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Fight against the enemies in Dad N Me

Looking for the game which you can play as a street fighter? Dad N Me brings the facility you are looking for. It’s a cool and nice street fighting featured action game, where you have to perform the character of the mad rowdy. You must beat up the coming kids and defeat everything coming your way. Show your combo attack actions and overcome the whole city with the help of your father who is very aggressive and fight against your enemies together.
This game has very easy to use controls such as arrows, A, and S. Arrows can move the character, A is to perform attack, jab and pickup, while S should be used for “Strong”.
Dad N Me

Great Graphics in Gloomy Truck

In this game Gloomy Truck, you will need to navigate the fragile truck over the rough terrain, and reach with the highly explosive cargo and make sure to do it before destroying the last best hope of earth by the radioactive storm. Just imagine, is the Gloomy Truck able to deliver a good and bright future of human beings?
Try to reach each level with as many cargos as you can and try your best to reach quickly. This game is not only good for playing, but the developers make its logo very attractive and perfect for the gamers. Enjoy nice graphics and listen great music while playing. Move on to the next levels and add options to upgrade.

Gloomy Truck