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Killing in sniper assassin 4

The 4th installment of the series sniper assassin, sniper assassin 4 is ready here, which brings many new game modes and fantastic puzzles for the players to sink him teeth into. The version contains many levels and each level contains many small games, but the tension of those mini games is not small, you will be stressed highly when you start playing them. The story has some differences from the previous version, and the revenge has become low in the character’s main actions.
So far, the character Shawn Davidson was finding who is the mastermind behind his wife’s murder, Mr Johnson. Mr. Johnson is a strong drug lord. Mr. Shawn Davidson is ready to use some heavy weapons to kill the enemy and quit the life of the killer, but his colleagues and friends don’t allow him to use.

sniper assassin 4

Effing Worms is back with more

Has Effing Worms 1 left you wanting for more action and adventure? Well, stop worrying yourself over it because effing worms is definitely back for more. EffingGames brings you Effing Worms 2. After a 2-year hibernation period, your beloved worm has once again shrunk to its little and weak state. It is your job to help the dear worm regain its mightiness and sate its hunger. Don’t worry and rejoice though. You worm still has its wings! Yes, wings! Now more eating possibilities are open for you because of them. The controls are still the same. Just the arrow keys to move your worm around. It’s bit difficult to navigate your worm but once you get a hang of it, it will be as easy as 123.

What are you waiting for? Help your beloved worm grow big and mighty in Effing Worms 2.

Effing worms 2

Enjoy Dolphin Olympics

Did you enjoy all versions of the famous game series Dolphin Olympics? If your answer to this question is yes, then I am sure you have the ability to play them without reading the instructions. The series has a very simple task, just train the dolphin because he is going to perform many tricks to compete other many Olympians to win the trophies including silver, gold and bronze. These games start with stage one where the process of training starts, so enter the training camp to start providing instructions to the dolphin. Start teaching your first trick and visit this website.
When you open the main page of those games, you will see many created links such as start the game, how to play, free swim and view scores. Be serious and begin practicing and enjoying more serious tips and tricks.

Dolphin Olympics