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Play Robot Rage at Miniclip

Looking to find a game that relates to shooting as you are a fan of such games that contains many shooting scenes? Well, Robot Rage is a game that you can meet your desires and play it on your computer screen after downloading it from the websites that offer the facility to download it. Play it now by clicking the given link. The game is developed, presented, and launched by Miniclip. You know this site is very famous and contains thousands of online websites to play and enjoy, and the most interesting things about this sites is that it has very little number of ads compared to other hundreds of sites, that try to display the ads more than games. People don’t like such sites to visit, so they leave the after visiting them once. Must try this amazing game and give your comments.

Robot Rage

Make some recipes in Lets Get Bakin

Looking to make a recipe that makes you crazy when it is ready? In this game Let’s Get Bakin, the player will have to mix and prepare all the ingredients to use. Then bake more than 10 recipes and decorated them. The recipes can be use not just for this game, but if you have a printer machine, you can print that recipe out and you can even use it your own kitchen. The scores that you will earn will depend on your performance. The better actions you perform the better score you will gain.
Do not worry about your actions, as the game has an option to show what you should do next. A bonus timer is also designed to count down when you play. Make sure to deal perfectly with all of your customers, because your score could also be based from their satisfaction.

lets get bakin

Complete challenging levels in rail rush 2

If you have played rail rush 1 then I believe you have some ideas about the game that how to play and enjoy it. There are some of the same concepts as we have seen in the first version of the series rail rush. So as you know, some characters are placed on the table, some of them are open to view, however, there are many characters that are hidden and you can’t see them easily until you use some tools.
Anyway, the first few levels are not easy, they are challenging, hard to complete, and filled with excitement. Why these first levels are so hard? Well, because you will need to remember some buttons by yourself relying on your memory power, and you know, it’s not an easy task though. But, if you own a good memory, it will not a big problem for you.

rail rush 2