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Be a great cowboy in Bang! Howdy

Are you familiar with a cowboy? This is a man who usually rides a horse with a hat famously known as a cowboy hat. This style is usually found in country way of living. There are three reasons why a cowboy is a worthy way or style. First is because of the fact that it is simple but rock. It doesn’t have to be grand and glamour. Second is because it is a mixture of rugged and uniform look. Last reason is because it symbolizes simple life and simple way to live life. There is a flash game that mainly tackle the life of a cowboy and it is called Bang! Howdy.
This game is like a simulation of being a cowboy. In the game, you will find or rather see a cartoon type of cowboy. The player has to guide and help the cowboy attain his goal for the day. The player will be able to control the movements of the cowboy. He must earn gold and money for certain upgrades. There are eight game modes available in Bang! Howdy.

Bang Howdy (3)

Eliminate the castles in Crush the Castle 4

Why is the medieval period an interesting era? Is it because of the setting and way of life? Is it about the chivalry and kingdom? There is no right or wrong answer but there are two key points. One is because of the setting and vibe which is about kingdom and the way of life that mesmerize most of us. Second is the King, Queen and servant as the usual character from this era which most young minds dream to be when they grow up. It may happen or not but there is an alternative way to experience this period in the flash game called Crush the Castle 4.
Just like in the previous editions, the player will be the Seige Master who will follow the order of King Redvonian which is to destroy castles and kill its inhabitants. You will have to use the trebuchet and weapons in aiming and shooting the target castles and destroy them as quick as possible. If you are interested with this game, just base here.


Bring back the joy in Monkey Go Happy 3

The flash game series Monkey Go Happy is a successful one because of three reasons. First is because of the presence of monkeys which have characteristics like witty and playful. Second is because it involves puzzles which entertains many people plus the easy controls given. Last reason is because of the fact that this series is about fun and adventure which we all really love.
This series has come up with a third edition in Monkey Go Happy 3. Just like the previous editions, the objective of this game is to make the monkeys happy again by solving puzzles presented in the games. There are three monkeys which the players need to entertain until the end of the game. There are 15 exciting levels which get tougher and tougher until the final stage that will really surprise players. To know what that is and more information about this game, just type in your browser and surf.

Monkey Go Happy 7