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Battle of Cursed Treasure 3!

People who love adventure and battle will be happy because Cursed Treasure 3 has been arrived in the world of game! The theme is almost the same as the previous version but as it is a latest sequel so it has more different features. The main objective is to defend powerful enemies from stealing deposited gems in three towers.
The enemies are various scary monsters, and they will continuously try to steal the gems. They can do any dangerous work to get those. But anyhow you have to keep the gems intact. There are three towers called temple, crypt and lair where the gems are kept. Give high protection to those towers. The higher you will reach the more powerful the ugly monsters and demons will be. While playing the game you can anytime redo a level. It will be helpful for you to increase your scores and rank as well.

Cursed Treasure 3 (2)

More Shooting With Robo Slug

Robo Slug is a great shooting game. So if you are up for some action, choose this one to play in your spare time. Your goal is to shoot the enemies attacking you. You need to choose a weapon at the beginning. You will control the game with your arrow keys and a mouse to direct a fire. Sometimes you will use numbers to switch weapons. After you finish a level, you will unlock new weapon. This game has interesting graphics. There will be a variety of weapons to unlock. So if you are a fan of fighting and love weapons, you will definitely enjoy this game. This game has very good reviews from people all over the world. it is very addictive and likeable. It is not suited for younger kids because of the quantity of violence it contains. So if you don’t want them to kill you, shoot them and enjoy this thrilling game!


Are You Adventurous Enough For Fancy Pants 2

In this sequel you are on a mission to catch a rabbit that stole your ice-cream and jumped in the golf ball hole! Don’t let him get away with it and get him before he eats your ice-cream. Fancy Pants 2 is a sequel of great and funny platform game whose hero is sweet little stick figure.
The look of the game in this sequel is a little bit different and of course more challenging. Now you can change the color of the pants of your favorite hero! You will need to put the snail into the golf ball hole in order to unlock pant’s color for your stick figure. You will also collect some swirlies while you move through the game. There will also be some spider, just like in the previous version. Don’t let them harm you! If you get injured many times, you will die and the game will be over! So be careful. Try it here