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Be shocked or scared with Scary Maze 7

Scary Maze 7 is the seventh edition from the surprising and thrilling game series called Scary Maze. There are three reasons why the series is very successful and popular. One is because it features labyrinths or mazes that really challenges and tests the players in terms of thinking with strategies. Second is because of the designs it has which is appealing and scary. Last is the surprise at the end of the mazes which will make the players scream for shock, joy or thrill. The next paragraph elaborates the details about Scary Maze 7.

Scary Maze 7 (3)

As the player of this game, you will have to guide and navigate a dot in the maze presented at each level. You should carefully and precisely guide the dot towards the red goal box. But be aware of the walls or sides of the maze because if you touch them, you will have to start all over again or there might be spooky creatures appearing. If you successfully reach the end of the game, there will be a scary surprise that will thrill and trick you to your bones. Enjoy this game by visiting

Save all the little frizzles in Frizzle Fraz

Frizzle Fraz is big bouncy frizzle who needs to save the little frizzles and bring them to a safe place. Help Frizzle Fraz to get these frizzles by jumping over them and at the same time, you earn points. Use the arrow keys to control Frizzle Faz.

frizzle fraz

On the top of the screen, you will see how many keys you need to get. Collect all the keys so the door at the other end of the level will open. Finish the level to bring them to a safe place. When you see a heart, jump over it to add life or energy to your bar which is on the upper left corner or the screen. Avoid the nasty looking frizzles and the spikes or else, you will lose a life and you will start the level again or half of it. Frizzle Fraz is a fun collect and run adventure game.

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Some Magic and a lot of Strategy for a Win in Feudalism 3

Strategic games have always won over the hearts of people. Strategic games provide the much needed mental stimulation in right doses. Feudalism 3 is one such game with plenty of action in terms of weapons, characters and plot. This game is designed for teens but it is not limited to them. The players who wish to play this game should know how to use strategy. The missions pose various, difficult levels to pass and the game becomes interesting as the players utilize 3 types of warriors with special powers to destroy the enemies and progress to the next level.

Each group of soldiers is attributed with unique powers to combat enemies. The game that can be played at has easy controls. The players will use up and W keys to move up, down or S keys to move down, left key or key A is utilized to move left and to move towards right, the D key or right key used.

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