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Follow instructions in Play Return Man 2

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world because of three reasons. One is because of the fans supporting the sports which are crazy, very passionate and lively. Second reason is because of the fact that this is a team sport which means more individuals can engage with it. Last is because it is enjoyable to play since it involves team spirit, team work and sportsmanship.


Play Return Man 2 is a good example of a flash game related to football. In this game, you will have to engage in ESPN’S arcade football vibe. It is an advantage if you have an experience in playing on site football. The mission is to play as a football player in which you have to score many points by reaching the yellow circle to catch the ball and carrying it through the end zone. Obviously, Football is a sport where scoring is very difficult since there are defenders and kickers present in the field. You must avoid them to win the game. Press I for running forward. Press K for running backwards. Press J for running left and L for running right.

Make the monkeys happy in Monkey Go Happy 1

What will happen if there are no flash games existing in this world? The world may not be affected but the people will definitely be less happy and usually bored. The importance of flash games is to provide happiness and entertainment throughout the world. Fortunately, there is still the creation of flash games giving the players a variety to choose from. Speaking of giving happiness, there is a flash game that aims to provide happiness to the characters in it. The title is Monkey Go Happy 1.


It is the introductory game from the series with the same title. The characters in this game are monkeys which are sad for unknown reasons. The goal of the player is to give happiness towards the monkeys by completing the puzzles and surviving the platforms in each level. There are 15 levels to play with. This game is all about following instructions and spreading good vibes towards the sad monkeys. If you want to make them happy, you can play this game at

Feel The Adrenalin With Drag Race Demon 2!!

If you would like to experience a real race, try this game and you won’t regret it! It is filled with adrenalin and speed! Your goal is to race against other racer and win! So do you think you can do that? Choose your vehicle, and start the race. But before that you can try a test race to test your vehicle and skills.

As you race you earn some money. With this money you can buy some powerful parts for your car like engine, tires and others. You can make it so powerful so you can win any race! But if you are a beginner you should first try a test ride so you can show all your racing skills. So show your best in twelve races and become a champion! You won’t regret if you try this game. play it in your free time and have a wonderful time!

Drag Race Demon 2 (2)