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Utilize the beneficial vehicle in Cyclomaniacs 3

Do you believe that bicycle is a beneficial vehicle? Have you experienced the benefits already? If you are affirmative about the two questions, it is great. If not, it is totally fine because this article will explain some for you. There are two important factors supporting the idea. One is because it is cheap compared to other vehicles such as cars and buses. Second is because of the fact that it can be used in exercising while going from one place to another which makes it dual or multipurpose.

cyclomaniacs 3 (1)

Cyclomaniacs 3 is one of the flash games that incorporates bicycle. Obviously, it has something to do with bicycle and racing which is really perfect for thrill seekers and adventurous type of gamers worldwide. Since this is already the third installment from the great flash game series, you can expect for some improvements. In terms of graphics or designs, the developers have provided appealing and attractive themes and colors. In terms of the gameplay, the goal is still the same but with added challenge. To play this game, just visit

Give help in Carrie the Caregiver 2

Are you fond of time management games? Then do not miss playing Carrie the Caregiver 2. In this sequel, Carrie decided she wanted to be a teacher… toddlers’ teacher. She runs a classroom for toddlers. Carrie prepared activities for the toddlers to keep them not only behave, but to be in a learning condition and happy. The challenge is to keep the children behave but at the same time having fun. Make these toddlers feel they are cared for. And teach them well.


In the online Carrie the Caregiver 2: Preschool, there are ten levels available but one activity only; two shirt colors; five room upgrades; two power-ups and a lot more. Carrie the Caregiver 2: Preschool is also considered a puzzle and arcade game. It is addicting and entails strategy in placing the toddlers. It is available in full version and that which has more features.

Be strategic and creative with Ricochet Kills 2

Ricochet Kills 2 is a flash game that is about shooting. This is actually the sequel to Ricochet Kills 1. This new version is great to play because of two things. One is because of the shooting weapons presented which are powerful and great. Second is because of the unique objective that the players need to accomplish or execute. This physics-based flash game is not just only entertaining but also develops something useful to the players. To find out more about, just feel free to scan and skim the whole content of this article.

As mentioned earlier, this is an online shooting game with a unique objective. The player will have to eliminate or kill the enemies with less bullets as possible. This is the part where the player have to be strategic and creative in order to pull through with the task at hand. Try to use all the objects and walls where you can bounce your bullet so it will ricochet to one or more enemies. In this way, you can kill in one or two shots and achieve a higher score. Search for its main website where you can see page about the complete details about this game.