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Choose and customize your character with Platform Racing 3

If there is one unique racing game that is fun and entertaining to play with, it is the flash game called Platform Racing 3. This is the third edition from the game series with the same title minus the number 3. This series is unique in term of the racing department due to the fact that it doesn’t incorporates any vehicles at all. Most of us think that racing games existing online usually provide vehicles but in this series, the characters are the ones who will be racing by their feet.

You will surely like this game because of the graphics and the gameplay itself. The first thing that you have to do in this game is to choose your character. After that, you can customize its head, body, feet, clothes and shoes. Then you can choose between two races. First is racing against the clock and the other one is to race against other opponents. Your ultimate goal is to finish ahead of the clock and everybody whatever mode you choose. You will find stuffs that can boost your performance too.


Test your geographical knowledge with 50 States v2

One subject that most students tend to ignore is Geography because for them, this is too boring and plain. But in reality, this is an essential subject that can be applied today and in the near future. With Geography, we can locate well certain places around the world or around a country. It is also important if you are lost in a particular place and it will be very helpful if you have an idea of where exactly you are located. Fortunately, there is a game that can teach you one or two about Geography. The game is called 50 States v2.


If you are living in the United States of America or might be curious about this country, this is your chance to have a virtual glimpse of what its Geography looks like. In this game, the players’ goal is to locate the necessary states presented in the game screen. Make sure that you are a keen observer and really mindful of different places in the United States.

Tug with all your might in Tug the Table

If you are looking for a game that incorporates a stick man, then you will surely love the game presented in this article. The name of the game is Tug the Table. Do you have an idea what this particular game is all about? If you are totally clueless, it is fine because you will find the explanations here in this article. There are two reasons why you will love this game. First is because of the graphics involved. Second is because of the entertaining game play that the players will experience.

Tug the Table

There is one button that the player has to press continuously so that he or she can tug the table on his or her side. This game requires a lot of hand coordination and endless strength in pressing that diving button. You can play this game with your friends or against the computer. Search for this game through different gaming websites.

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