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A variety of food management games in Papa’s Cooking Games

Do you love different types of food? If your answer is a loud yes, then you will surely love or like the topic that this article is presenting. This is about different types of food and the way to manage them perfectly. The name of the compilation is Papa’s Cooking Games. There are two reasons why you will get hooked with this game. First is because of the fact that it offers varied games which will give a lot of options for players to indulge. Second is because it can raise awareness to young and adult gamers about food management.


The names of the games are Papa’s Freezeria, Papa’s Cupcakeria, Papa’s Donuteria, Papa’s Hot Doggeria and Papa’s Wingeria. The main goal in each game is about serving food to customers and making sure that they are fully satisfied. Its official site includes further and distinct details. Try indulging with all the mentioned games now!

Escape and Rescue in Covert Front II

Covert Front II is the second installment from the game series called Covert Front. This is a unique flash game because of its dual purpose. First is the escaping part in which the player will have to find out how to get out of the mysterious place and second is the rescuing part. But before we go to the details of the game, let us tackle two reasons why you will love playing this game. First is because of the great graphics involved which are truly appealing and entertaining. Second is because of the tough challenge facing the gamers which will really tests their limits and capabilities.

Going back to the game proper, the goal or objective in this game is to use or utilize all the stuffs scattered in the place in order to escape the room. After that, you will have to rescue others that are trapped and successfully make a way out.


Reach the safe haven in Earn to Die 2013

Earn to Die 2013 is a new edition from the popular and successful game series called Earn to Die. This is also called Earn to Die 2012 part 2. The mentioned series has been serving great entertainment through the years and has become very popular and greatly appreciated because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that it involves zombies and cars which are truly entertaining when incorporated together. Second is because of the evolution of the stories on it which are exciting and interesting to know.


The goal in this new edition is similar with the previous ones which is to drive three different cars so that you will be able to find or reach the safe haven. You must be able to crash zombies to earn enough points so that you can upgrade your vehicle and weapon. Reach the military base where survivors are staying and are safe.