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Reach the highest of the sky in Amigo Pancho 4

Do you have any knowledge about Amigo Pancho 4? Is it a movie, a television series or a flash game? If your answer is the last option, then you are correct. It is indeed a fun flash game that involves physics and strategy. This is a great game for kids and adults as well because of the cute character in this game which is named Pancho. He is a Mexican boy who needs to travel the world.

Amigo Pancho 4 (4)

This game is the fourth one in many installments the flash game series has. Your objective as the player is to help Pancho successfully travel the world using two balloons by removing blocks and hinders in the air. You should be able to clear his way for him to have a smooth sailing or rather smooth flying. You should be able to earn 3 stars to advance on the next level. Good controlling and maneuvering are the keys to be successful with this game. Try playing this at