Are you a detective material? Find out In TPE2: Pursuit

Solve mysteries and track down the gang leader Dan McNeely in TPE2: Pursuit. You play as a detective and they are targeting you and your partner after your discovery on the whereabouts of their hideout. Run away from hired gun and find a way to infiltrate Armor Gamsees’ hideout. Will you find them before they find you? Click on objects that can be used in the missions. Navigate through the rooms by clicking on the arrows on the four sides of the screen and solve puzzles before proceeding.

All items that are gathered will be on the top part, you can use or combine them with other items. There are tricky parts where you find yourself trapped, so you will need to improvise and make use of the items effectively. The story is a bit short but it will leave you wanting for more. You might also want to consider playing the first installment before playing this one since this game is a series.

TPE2 Pursuit (1)

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