Battle of Cursed Treasure 3!

People who love adventure and battle will be happy because Cursed Treasure 3 has been arrived in the world of game! The theme is almost the same as the previous version but as it is a latest sequel so it has more different features. The main objective is to defend powerful enemies from stealing deposited gems in three towers.
The enemies are various scary monsters, and they will continuously try to steal the gems. They can do any dangerous work to get those. But anyhow you have to keep the gems intact. There are three towers called temple, crypt and lair where the gems are kept. Give high protection to those towers. The higher you will reach the more powerful the ugly monsters and demons will be. While playing the game you can anytime redo a level. It will be helpful for you to increase your scores and rank as well.

Cursed Treasure 3 (2)

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