Be a great cowboy in Bang! Howdy

Are you familiar with a cowboy? This is a man who usually rides a horse with a hat famously known as a cowboy hat. This style is usually found in country way of living. There are three reasons why a cowboy is a worthy way or style. First is because of the fact that it is simple but rock. It doesn’t have to be grand and glamour. Second is because it is a mixture of rugged and uniform look. Last reason is because it symbolizes simple life and simple way to live life. There is a flash game that mainly tackle the life of a cowboy and it is called Bang! Howdy.
This game is like a simulation of being a cowboy. In the game, you will find or rather see a cartoon type of cowboy. The player has to guide and help the cowboy attain his goal for the day. The player will be able to control the movements of the cowboy. He must earn gold and money for certain upgrades. There are eight game modes available in Bang! Howdy.

Bang Howdy (3)

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