Burst Your Speed In Drag Race Demon 2!

Here comes a racing game filled with adrenalin! So if you are up for some crazy driving, Drag Race Demon 2 is ready for you! As you move through the game you earn cash and later you can buy some useful upgrades for your car and make it more powerful! You will purchase in the Parts Shop. There you will find different upgrades, like tires, engine, nitro and other. First you have an option for a test drive to note your dragster time. Later you will be racing against other racer and this is where you need to show all your racing skills! To control it you will use your arrow keys and “shift” key to boost your speed. You can also customize your dragster and change his appearance. There will be 12 races for you to complete and if you win them you become a champion! So try this game and get excited!

Drag Race Demon 2 (3)

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