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Vex 2 the game

Are you looking for some adventure that will make your adrenaline rush? Do you want a game where your skills will be challenged? Try playing the Vex game series. Try to get through each level without any help from anyone or without watching videos of players who had finished the game.

In playing Vex, you will help the stick figure find the exit door of each Act. Levels in Vex are called Acts. Make it run, jump, slide, swim, climb up or do acrobatic acts as needed. Try to end the Act as fast as you can. But be very careful of deadly obstacles and traps. Just remember not to touch those or not to get caught along your way. One touch will kill you. And if you made it through in Vex 1, try the second game, Vex 2.


The second game of Vex was released soon after the success of the first installment. In this version, the game developers added more fun in playing the game. Aside from the additional level or Act, more obstacles were also embedded. The second game now has nine Acts for you to enjoy. Try to surpass each Act in the shortest possible time and least number of kills. Then challenge yourself to break your own record in each Act.

Another way to play the second game is in the Stage Builder mode. It is where you can display your creativity and artwork. You can construct a simple stage or a complicated one. Only, you have to play the pre-developed game first to unlock builder packs which contain tools that you can use in building your stage. When you are done building, you can play it yourself and share it to friends. And you can also email it to the game developers so they may include your work in the Vex Community. The Vex community is the compilation of stages made by players.

Another improvement made in the second game of Vex is the addition of the Achievements room. As you play, you will be completing achievements at the same time. There are thirty achievements for you to complete. Some of these are easy to attain while some are challenging enough.

Unlock new maps and weapons in Kingdom Rush 4

Kingdom Rush 4 is the fourth edition or installment from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is a great defense game where one needs to utilize defensive stuffs. Since this is already the fourth from the series, you can expect for development or improvement in terms of graphics and designs. The situation in this game is that the enemies are lurking around your Kingdom. Your mission is to stop them. But how?

Kingdom rush 4 (3)

There are given weapons and towers that you must strategically utilize. If you are creative enough to plant the defensive units at the right place and time, you are on the right tracks. One of the greatest weapons is the defense tower. You should place it at the location where most enemies are coming from. If you are able to level up, the upgrades will be unlocked for you. This game is perfect for gamers who are strategist and creative at the same time.

Defeat the enemies in Green Lantern Crimson Clash

One of the emerging super heroes of this generation is Green Lantern. Children and adults really love this hero because of his power and charisma. Do you know that there is a flash game inspired by this super hero? Yes, there is! The name of the game is Green Lantern Crimson Clash. This follows the story from the show of Green Lantern. The situation in this game is that the Green Lanterns have declared a war against the Red Lanterns.

The leader of the Green side is Hal Jordan who must do his best in order to defeat the enemies. Your mission or objective as the player of this fantastic game is to control Hal as he defeats the enemies. Use the arrow keys for navigation and Press X for shooting process. Make sure that you are good at controlling and maximizing the capabilities or powers of Hal Jordan to win in this game.