Collect the sparks in Fix the Sun

The Sun is considered the largest star in the universe. This great ball of fire is essential on Earth because of many reasons. One is because it gives light and sunshine to humankind. It also gives heat and warmth. It also generates power and electricity. Humankind gets many benefits from the Sun. As a sign of appreciation, game creators are able to incorporate the sun in flash games like those that the one called Fix the Sun.

It just shows that the Sun should be appreciated and give importance too even if it is unreachable and untouchable. To further get details about this game, just continue reading the whole article. The objective of the game Fix the Sun is to maintain the light created by the sun even if the darkness is lurking and trying to dim the light. The player will have to collect the sparks by leaping in their orbits using the arrow keys and hit them using the space bar. Just be careful and aware about the angry meteors that might hinder your mission.


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