Defeat the enemies in Green Lantern Crimson Clash

One of the emerging super heroes of this generation is Green Lantern. Children and adults really love this hero because of his power and charisma. Do you know that there is a flash game inspired by this super hero? Yes, there is! The name of the game is Green Lantern Crimson Clash. This follows the story from the show of Green Lantern. The situation in this game is that the Green Lanterns have declared a war against the Red Lanterns.

The leader of the Green side is Hal Jordan who must do his best in order to defeat the enemies. Your mission or objective as the player of this fantastic game is to control Hal as he defeats the enemies. Use the arrow keys for navigation and Press X for shooting process. Make sure that you are good at controlling and maximizing the capabilities or powers of Hal Jordan to win in this game.


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