Drive like there Is no tomorrow in Earn to Die 2

Check out your driving skills during apocalypse and see if you can survive a zombie crisis. Earn to Die 2 is about a man and his car with a goal of trying get to an evacuation point somewhere in Florida. But before Florida, they have to deal with an intimidating army of boxes and an endless number of zombies. Tighten up your seatbelts and get ready for a box-breaking, zombie plowing, bumpy as hell ride.

To progress in the game, the player must earn money by either breaking boxes or breaking zombies for upgrades for the car. There are several upgrades you need to do to your vehicle for you to be able to finish a stage. After finishing a stage, a new car will be available to the player replacing the previous one and will need to be upgraded again. The terrain offers a wide array of obstacles and challenges which will make the player improvise on how to go different ways in getting to the end goal. Between awesome rock and roll music and shredding zombies with the saw upgrade, you will personally feel like some rock star riding through a scene of a certain movie being chased by zombies. You will also like how the Earn to Die 2 offers you these little “short cuts” instead of just plowing through every single box in sight. You will find yourself trying really hard in getting those upgrades to get to the next checkpoint. Overall gameplay is fast paced, jam packed with action until you reach your next checkpoint.

Although the story isn’t as cinema worthy as everybody would like it to be, the music and action definitely makes up for it. The game concept offers an exciting twist to the whole 2D car game genre. Its challenging, action packed and it has Zombies! Earn to Die 2 is basically a car crazy, zombie apocalypse enthusiast’s wet dream. Visit to play the game.

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