Effing Worm with Its 2nd Installment

Who doesn’t like power? Everyone wants be the most powerful one. In usual online games we see that the character we are playing is less powerful that’s why we need to put a lot of effort to achieve win over the powerful character. I know most of you would like to try a game where you will be the most powerful negative character. Effing Worm is such a game. The game got huge response in its first installment. That’s why the second installment of the game has been released and that is called Effing Worm 2. We are going o know about that one. You can click here to play the game.
In the game you have to play a role of a hungry worm who is roaming around the city for fresh human blood. In this installment the worm will be more powerful. You are definitely going to love the added features.

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