Effing Worms 3 – Play Here!

Blood, gore, adventure and thrill – you find it all in Effing Worms 3! Trust me, it is a game that you can keep on playing all day. No matter how long you play the game for, you will never get tired of it. This game is so exciting! The main attraction of this game is the fact that you get to play the role of a gigantic worm. Now, this is no ordinary worm. Do you remember the movie Tremors? Yes, this monster is similar to the one in the movie! You, as the giant worm, have to feed on human being and all the different kind of animals that you will find throughout the game. Try to catch your prey by acting quickly. You will find your targets underneath the Earth’s surface, as well as, above it. Just keep your eyes open and try to eat up as many people or animals as possible.

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