Join the fun filled adventure with uphill rush games series as created by Agame. It is a collection that gives you more games of single player flush traversing through steep hilled landscape with obstacles to be overcome. In the same way they consist of cups to be unlocked to complete the maps in them. The game has diverse vehicles to navigate with and great bonus to be worn.

Series available

Uphill rush 1 is a single player flash consisting of four tracks to be completed through unlocking ten cups using different vehicles. Rush 2 gets your speed and accuracy proved as you have to complete the tracks without crashing as you collect coins in the entire levels. In the rush 3 you have 6 maps to complete while sustaining lives riding on cows and others. Rush 4 has 6maps with three rounds to complete. Rush 5 has 6maps with cups to unlock while collecting coins, rush 6, 7, and 10 gives you a right to brag as you compete with friends.

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