Glide through dimensions in Shift 3

Are you familiar with Shift 3? Is it a thing, food or a game? Do you have any hint on how it works? Well, enough of questions and it is time for information sharing to many people of what this is all about. Shift 3 is an example of a flash game. It is a game that involves shifting, dimensions and keys. Everyone can play this game as long as they have internet connection and a computer or a laptop and they are good to go.
The aim of the game Shift 3 is to guide the human character towards exit doors of every level. To do that, one must be able to use the arrow keys for the direction and “SHIFT” for shifting through dimensions. Collect keys in order to open the exit doors. Unique features can be seen in this game such as the black.and white rooms and figures as well as numerous level that really challenges the individual who will play Shift 3.

Shift 3

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