Jump as the instruction says with Jump the River 2

Are you looking for a flash game that will really excite and surprise you? If yes, then you will surely love the game presented in this article. The name of the flash game is Jump The River 2. Obviously, this is already the second installment or edition from the flash game series called Jump The River. There are three reasons why this game is exciting, surprising and thrilling. It is exciting because of the graphics and designs presented which make the game more interesting and fun to play with.



It is surprising because it will surely surprise you or shock you while playing. It is thrilling because you will be thrilled in every attempt that you make which is successful. The player’s mission in this game is pretty simple. He or she has to focus in the game screen and the SPACE bar. The main character in this game is a stickman who is trying to jump in the hurdles of the platform. If the instruction tells the player to jump, he or she has to press the SPACE bar right away so that you will be successful. If you fall from the platform, you will have to restart the level all over again.

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