Kill all the robots in Robo Slug

If you love robots and shooting games, Robo Slug is the best game for you. In this game, the Robots in camouflage were hewn and gone wild. To eliminate the hacker, you need to eliminate first the networking robot underground. In this sensitive mission, Robo Slug needs your help. You must kill the robots but you must be careful because there are rackets that are ready to hit you any moment. So watch out for the racket craft flying up above.

Use the arrow keys in moving from right to left, when aiming your target and when lowering. When you jump use letter A, when you shoot use letter S and if you wish to throw a grenade just click your spacebar. You can as well use A, S, W or D letters for your own comfort. Jump and get those appearing objects in every enemy you killed. Those will make you stronger and provide you high end weapons.


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