Make the monkeys happy in Monkey Go Happy 1

What will happen if there are no flash games existing in this world? The world may not be affected but the people will definitely be less happy and usually bored. The importance of flash games is to provide happiness and entertainment throughout the world. Fortunately, there is still the creation of flash games giving the players a variety to choose from. Speaking of giving happiness, there is a flash game that aims to provide happiness to the characters in it. The title is Monkey Go Happy 1.


It is the introductory game from the series with the same title. The characters in this game are monkeys which are sad for unknown reasons. The goal of the player is to give happiness towards the monkeys by completing the puzzles and surviving the platforms in each level. There are 15 levels to play with. This game is all about following instructions and spreading good vibes towards the sad monkeys. If you want to make them happy, you can play this game at

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