Mission Tips to Be the Best Tactical Assassin

Tactical Assassin 2 is a great and a very simple game.  This is a perfect game with a bit of challenge and logical thinking.  The music is amazing and fits the setting, the sound effects are cool and the animation is smooth, fluid and very well done.  Here are some tips on the last three missions.  In Mission 7, look up to the roof and take out the dish, this will prompt the target o go up and you can kill him.  In Mission 8, you need to use a specific gun.  Look up and you will see the guy behind the glass.  Shoot through the glass directly to his head and you will win the mission.  Lastly, in Mission 9, you need to distract the guards by shooting the tree, the bottles near the garage and the electric box.   After that, your accomplice can plant the bomb and you will beat the game.

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