Scary Maze 5: As Far as You Maze

Do you want more of the Maze games series? Well, the fifth installment of the series is in. Scary Maze 5 will scare the hell out of you even more. The popular maze game has improved graphics, and has new difficult mazes compared to the previous versions. You will have to guide a small red ball to the finish line.
The obstacles are pretty much amusing, and fun to play. You just have to avoid the walls to successfully surpass each level and win. But there is a twist. You can never win. Why? It is because the game will never let you. Before you reach the end in the last level, and you are more than halfway through, the prize will already be given to you. A horrifying image of a screaming eyeless person will flash on your screen. Surprise! The tradition lives on with the Scary Maze 5.

Scary Maze 5 (3)

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