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Blosics Walkthrough: It’s all about fun, fun!

Blosics series has received tremendous success over the recent years and has been liked by huge number of players. And this is fully justified since the game is a perfect combination of fun, excitement, challenge as well as learning. Yes, the game really makes you learn some extremely important physics and puzzle solving concepts. Click here now to play the game. Your objective in the game is to use the funny little balls falling from over the screen to drop the green blocks. Beware don’t let red blocks fall since they are precious and falling them results in the loss of your score. When I played the game, I always ended up losing my score because of dropping the red blocks. So, I ask you be cautious about this. Also, you need only a mouse to play the game Yeah, it’s a simple as that. No need to boggle your mind with a number of arrow keys. Do always check that the velocity, speed and direction of the balls is set so that they perfectly hit the green blocks. Hope this walkthrough helps you!