Unlock new maps and weapons in Kingdom Rush 4

Kingdom Rush 4 is the fourth edition or installment from the game series called Kingdom Rush. This is a great defense game where one needs to utilize defensive stuffs. Since this is already the fourth from the series, you can expect for development or improvement in terms of graphics and designs. The situation in this game is that the enemies are lurking around your Kingdom. Your mission is to stop them. But how?

Kingdom rush 4 (3)

There are given weapons and towers that you must strategically utilize. If you are creative enough to plant the defensive units at the right place and time, you are on the right tracks. One of the greatest weapons is the defense tower. You should place it at the location where most enemies are coming from. If you are able to level up, the upgrades will be unlocked for you. This game is perfect for gamers who are strategist and creative at the same time.

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